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But here is your husband, making you look bad. He didn't need better weather, less traffic, more oxygen, less gravity. He's thriving and he still thinks you're great. He's patient with you because he's been there. His empathy makes you hate yourself even more. There must be something wrong with him, that he still loves you.
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6 Things to Remember About Loving a Good Man 1. We are born needing each other. The human brain is wired for close emotional and physical connection with a few people. Some are irreplaceable, such as a good man, husband, and life partner.

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  • When you are stuck thinking, “I want to leave my boyfriend, but I love him,” the reason for this can be that your relationship is toxic. The main signs of a toxic relationship are; 1. The highs are very high, and the lows are very low. 2. You don’t recognize yourself anymore. 3.
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  • I would definately try to see why you don't love him anymore, a good man is hard to find, divorce is a horrible road that brings out the worst in people and can make life very hard, I got divorced in 2003 and am still struggling financially because of what it did to my credit. ...
  • Marriage is hard, especially when you realize you're in a good one but need to leave it. Because your soulmate happens to be a woman. It was the hardest decision I have ever made, but one I would never take back because I am happier than I've ever been. I am more fulfilled than I ever thought imaginable, and I am complete. My puzzle is complete.
  • Tip #3 is to give your husband some time to mentally process your desire to divorce. When it comes to approaching a husband who doesn't want to divorce, it’s important to remember that you’ve already had plenty of time to deal with the idea of your marriage ending. And you’re light years ahead of your husband.