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Overview. Testicular torsion is when the spermatic cord is twisted and leads to loss of blood supply to the following testicle and if untreated, can lead to loss of the affected testicle. Pathophysiology: This occurs when there is a twist of the spermatic cord. The spermatic cord is what suspends the testicle in the scrotum.
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Epididymitis. It is the inflammation or infection of epididymis- the long tube-like structure that sits beside the testicles. Usually caused due to sexually transmitted diseases, this can also be caused due to vasectomy operation or any other surgery. Symptoms include mild to severe pain in the testicles or scrotum, nausea and high fever.

The good thing with your theme of ocd is that you can just go check if you're at risk. People who are at risk, their testicles can rotate freely inside the scrotum ( bell clapper deformity) . You could do that surgery where they attach the chords so that it can never happen. But if you've never had testicular torsion or your testicles have.
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  • The patient had intra-scrotal testicular torsion of a seminoma which was overlooked initially by Doppler ultrasound, progression of symptoms led to a computed tmomgraphy scan which showed a testicular torsion. Intra-operative findings showed a torsed right testis with completely engorged cord. Right radical orchiectomy was done and indecently ...
  • Once, my husband experienced testicular torsion (twisting of the sperm tubes) from a groin sprain from trying to keep up with me on the line of a restaurant we worked at. When we got to the hospital and got everything sorted out the doctor jokingly told him he has now experienced the pain of period cramping.
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  • 3 years ago I had testicular torsion. I had surgery and they secured my left testicle. Is it normal to feel the occasional discomfort today? - My left testicle is roughly twice the size of my right due to the surgery. I'm not sure the exact details of what they did but they went in and secured it to ensure there would not be a recurrence.